Bingo For The Classroom

Are you a teacher? If so, would you like to create custom bingo game cards to augment your Thanksgiving lessons?

Here are a few easy steps to creating bingo cards that will help your students make easy work of remembering what makes Thanksgiving so special:

  1. As you go over your Thanksgiving lesson plans, jot down a few keywords from the lesson that you’d especially like your students to remember.
  2. Create your custom bingo cards.
  3. Laminate your bingo cards (or print them out on waterproof card stock) so you can use them again and again, class after class. Note: It might be helpful to try out your bingo cards before having them laminated, just to make sure you are happy with the words you chose to put on the cards. The nice thing about having the software to create custom bingo cards is that you can easily create new cards as your lesson plans change.

Bingo is a great way to build vocabulary and word recognition skills in children. What a great way to help them learn about Thanksgiving and the American heritage!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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