Thanksgiving Dinner Bingo

We gather at Thanksgiving to celebrate all the good things in our lives. There’s another reason we love Thanksgiving: The food!

Here’s a fun version of the classic bingo game you can play at your dinner table while you’re waiting for the marshmallows on Aunt Marcie’s candied yams to brown.

Thanksgiving Dinner Bingo

1. Find the conductor of your Thanksgiving Dinner (the one who decides what everybody is going to bring and makes sure 15 people don’t bring the same thing) and get a list of all the dishes you’ll be enjoying.

2. Use the list of dishes mixed with words from the Thanksgiving Story to create a call list for your bingo game.

3. Create custom bingo cards just for your Thanksgiving Dinner bingo game!

4. Use little Thanksgiving-themed candies as markers as you call out the words on your list. Whoever wins gets to help with the dishes! =)

Have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving and please let me know if you enjoyed a game of bingo this year!

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