Thanksgiving Pilgrim Bingo

The Mayflower II One of the classic stories of American heritage is that of the Mayflower Pilgrims and how they survived a very difficult start at Plymouth to eventually enjoy a bountiful harvest.

Here’s a fun variation on Bingo that will give older children a bit of a challenge while letting the young kids fully enjoy the game.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Bingo (With Trivia)

  1. Make a list of facts about the Mayflower Pilgrims and their adventure that you’d like to share as part of the bingo game. Pull keywords from that list to use in the actual game as part of the call list.
  2. Make your custom bingo cards. (Sign up for a free trial here)
  3. Do NOT cover the free space. Unlike other versions of bingo, don’t have the kids cover the “free space.” In the trivia version of bingo, you “win” the middle space by answering a question correctly. You can make this as hard or difficult as you like. Even offer a small prize for answering questions correctly if you like.
  4. Use Mayflower Pilgrim-themed stickers, candies, or crackers as markers for the game and offer a great prize to the first few kids who shout “bingo!” (and actually have a bingo)

Have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving and make sure to answer those tough questions to win that space for a prize!

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